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Professional Appraisals: Insurance, Estates, Charitable Donations, Equitable Distributions



Formal Personal Property Appraisals

Customers requiring formal appraisals of personal property in Steamboat Springs, or throughout Western Colorado, may wish to consider the Tisch Appraisal Group. We are an independent, full-service appraisal company. We perform on-site review, based upon your needs, to achieve your objectives. Tisch Appraisal Group performs personal property appraisal services in the areas estates tax, insurance coverage or replacement, damage claims, charitable donation, divorce, equitable distribution to heirs, bankruptcy, and for general financial planning.


Charitable Donations

There is no established, set formula for valuing charitable donations. We will professionally and accurately value your donation.


Accurate appraisals to obtain appropriate coverage, assist in claims, and provide proof that property existed.


We will determine the value of the decedent’s property interest for estate tax purposes.

Equitable Distributions

Appraisers are required to perform appraisals for intended uses of equitable distribution, liquidation, bankruptcy, and many other functions.